Table of Contents

I: All the Days of Our Lives (Psalm 27:4)

Chapter 1: Vanessa L. Ochs: A Life with Things

Chapter 2: Hara E. Person: On Raising a Son: One Mother’s Search for Wisdom

Chapter 3: Ellen M. Umansky: Between Sisters

Chapter 4: Nancy Fuchs Kreimer: The Face Under the Huppah: Relating to my Closest Stranger

Chapter 5: Vivian Mayer: Loving Our Mothers

Chapter 6: Julie Greenberg: Portals to Sacred Family Life

II: From the Narrow Places (Psalm 118:5)

Chapter 7: Ellen Frankel: “Sing O Barren One”: Ambushed by a Hysterectomy at Age Twenty-Six

Chapter 8: Amy Eilberg: El Na Refa Na La: Please, God, Heal my Daughter!

Chapter 9: Ruth H. Sohn: Facing Pain, Facing My Fears

Chapter 10: Rachel Adler: My Mother as a Ruined City: Insights from the Book of Lamentations

Chapter 11: Judith Plaskow: Wrestling with God and Evil

III: Opening the Gates (Psalm 118:19)

Chapter 12: Sue Levi Elwell: In the Right Time: Reflections on an Abortion

Chapter 13: Wendy Zierler: My Life as a Talking Horse

Chapter 14: Blu Greenberg: The Blessings of Interfaith Friendships

Chapter 15: Margaret Holub: The Remembrance of These Things: War, Occupation, Parsley, Bitter Herb

IV: Be Still and Know (Psalm 46:10)

Chapter 16: Dayle A. Friedman: Shattering and Rebirth: My Midlife Gap Year

Chapter 17: Laura Geller: Letting Go and Drawing Close

Chapter 18: Sheila Peltz Weinberg: Leaving Egypt Again: Aging with Awareness

Chapter 19: Barbara Eve Breitman: A Heart So Broken It Melts Like Water

Chapter 20: Tamara Cohn Eskenazi: With the Song of Songs in Our Hearts